Tuesday, March 2, 2010


(Parliament House, Canberra)

Drove down to Canberra the other week to see the Masterpieces From Paris exhibition, a collection of Post-Impressionist paintings from the Musée d'Orsay.

For our neighbours, Canby is home to the Federal Government and our "stately monuments" that display Australia's "sizeable" dick.

But Canby is weird. As a planned city it has a mad "Truman Show" vibe.

(exterior, National Gallery of Australia)

Went to the National Gallery. Saw this post-ironic gauze ball suspended by cables. Felt like the world was "governed by physics" that could be "broken by art". Was confronting. Had to go pee.

Saw Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso et al. at the gallery and "got emotional" in front of my gf after seeing Starry Night Over The Rhone.

(Tocumwal Ln)

 Went outside. Thought because Canby is so artificial it would "kill off the artists". Was refreshing to see humans create things in the streets.

(Antill St)

Was impressed with this one. Snapped it in the rain because i thought about showing you. Luv u.


Can't even imagine how old this one is. Sort of arousing though.


This was posted all over Canby. Could be the work of a political cartoonist that had to "break out" from the press gallery. Might be a self-portrait. Maybe he cut his ears off too.

(Bunda St)

Went to Manuka for dinner while i was there. It's a little restaurant district with lots of _____ and top quality _____. The coffee is bad (i don't remember asking for a shittachino) but with wine flowing and rude waiters it made me feel "in the city" again.

Canby is broken up into North, South, East, West districts, so when i drove back to my hotel after paying the bill/purchasing a small country i followed street signs to the city centre. I drove straight along Canby Ave. I kept going straight and following signs.

After driving for 10 mins, in a straight line, guess where i ended up?


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canberra sucks a bit.