Sunday, February 20, 2011

Artist: Slug

 (Images: Newtown, Sydney)

Found so many Slug pieces recently but couldn't blog them. It's hard to shoot trackside graffiti from a moving train.

The condom-gouged eyes aesthetic is proving popular this year. Soon advertising firms will leap on this buzz trend and incorporate it on billboards and TV.

Want some jizz with your 6pm news?

I like you, Slug. Do you believe in Nihilism/Chaos Theory?

Your pieces shock, they dissociate pedestrians from the predictable reality they exist in.

But poor Gerald the Dog. Poor pup. His face has aged. All the LSD/meth has really fucked with him.

Maybe it's time to retire/shoot him, start with a new character?

See u soon, Slug.


Gerald the Dog is back in Sydney

Gerald the Dog


Chris said...

I want to track down Slug and get him to do a piece for me. Anyone know how to get in touch with him?

Anonymous said...

he was working at potts point bottle shop macleay st and maybe is at NAS