Monday, February 21, 2011

LOS ANGELES: New Banksy stencils

So Banksy has again hit Los Angeles with stencils to get blogs and Muffington Post and AOL to focus on him.

This is so if his Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Dollar Shop wins an Academy Award he'll sell more merch/prints.

If he loses to a better film he'll still have racked up millions of dollars worth of publicity and be able to sell more merch/prints.

Do you like this high-pressure piss dog? It attacks American capitalism with such gnashing wit, doesn't it?

Close-up of high-pressure piss dog. Been thinking about buying a puppy to keep me company. I'm lonely.

Thinking if I can watch the dog consume stuff, like biscuits and little children, it'd make me happier. No matter how much I consume nowadays I always feel empty.


Banksy bombs Sunset Boulevard billboard






New Banksy stencil in LA







Banksy banned from Oscars

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