Saturday, November 19, 2011

Anthony Lister Bogan Paradise

Australian-American-Australian artist Anthony Lister recently unveiled a new exhibition at a derelict sex shop in Sydney.

I haven't seen Bogan Paradise yet, but his exhibition sort of looks like a commentary on the state of Australian culture[lessness].

It features panels like the one above, along with a dilapidated interior design, to show Lister's views on the beer-slurping, choke-on-a-bong f-ckin' c-unts Aussies can be [in rural Queensland].

Here is a promo video depicting the gritty, amphetamine-laced world urban artists like Lister inhabit [while coincidentally on the publicity trail]:

And here's another video at the gallery, which is located near Central Station, showing artist and Outpost Project curator Ben Frost getting tattooed by Prizm:

Ben Frost Ghetto Ink from The Institute of Excellent on Vimeo.

I'm worried about you guys :( Maybe you need a holiday?

Bogan Paradise was staged by Joseph Allen Shea, of Monster Children Gallery, as part of his new project Gallery AS.


Anthony Lister in Berlin


Anonymous said...

<3 the Ken Done print/sick hairdo on that kangaroo stomping fucker.

sew stylisch

Acid Midget said...

I'm sure Tony will agree with you. I do. Thanks sew music.