Monday, January 30, 2012

Graffiti under a bridge, St Peters

I turned the motor off and got my phone out. I was late running late, so late that she'd probably leave the bar with someone else.

Having a car for the first time in for-ages, I thought there wouldn't be much graffiti under the bridge at Edgeware Road, St Peters. I got out anyway.

I was wrong, sort of. I saw this Birdhat, a little faded, but still good. I'd say it's in its eighth trimester.

This was the biggest ILL cat I've seen. Too big to hold. I wonder if someone will come up with the idea of taking photos of a bunch of ILL's stencils and publishing them in a children's book? Maybe with a little funding from Marrickville Council?

Oh wait, someone has done that.

Mosaic stencil.

So at this point I got a text which read "hey bb, u no we hav a gud fing goin on yah? But I found anutha. He's strong n ridez a byke. Ltrz bb xoxo". And like that, everything went quiet.

So I got more Birdhat. Ninth trimester.

Kois. I've seen a bunch of this guy's pieces around Sydney's inner west. Welcome to Acid Midget Kois.

After this I drove home alone. And all I have to show for it is some photos of birds, cats and bears. Was it worth it?

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