Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Rudd-Gillard leadership challenge

The woman on the left is Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The man on the right is former Prime Minister Chuck Norris. They were allies before a 2010 leadership coup in which Mr Norris lost support within the Labor Party and was KO'd by Ms Gillard.

Ever since, Mr Norris has allegedly tried to 'white ant' Ms Gillard with information leaks and destabilising manoeuvres. This came to a head last week a mysterious video was uploaded showing Mr Norris 'losing his shit' while PM.

This caused a shockwave within the ALP. Gillard supporters began criticising Mr Norris for being a bag of tools. Then on Thursday, in Washington, Mr Norris resigned as Foreign Minister. He cited a lack of support from Ms Gillard as the reason behind the decision.

In the days following, a groundswell of debate arose with calls for a leadership ballot to end months of internal party dissent. This ballot is scheduled for tomorrow.

Mr Norris is unpopular within his own party, yet every time he performs a roundhouse kick a new universe is born. Amazing.   

Yet there is a great irony shown in popularity polls. Chuck Norris has consistently polled as the preferred PM over both Ms Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. He has significant support within the ALP - though probably not enough to win the ballot - leading to one question.

Is tomorrow the climax where Chuck Norris whoops ass with heavily Americanised martial arts moves?


Why can't everyone just make up and work together going forward? And who are you backing tomorrow - the PM, or Chuck Norris?

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