Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slug writes graffiti 'cry for help'

Graffiti artist/reckless vandal Slug wrote a message on this monorail pylon in central Sydney. He's been quiet lately - haven't seen him 'kick 2012's ass' yet.

Is he a little sad? Being the craziest graffiti writer in the city must be heavy.

After making so many elaborate murals maybe Slug's got nothing left to give. Last month he revealed his new foot tattoo to Acid Midget. It seemed like he was re-branding as a 'gay Shepard Fairey' or something:

How you holding up Slug?You in jail/gaol/Bali yet?

You know I stood in the rain for you, right?

All we can do is send hashtag love to this artistic Robin Hood. Tweet #getwellslug to all your peeps. Power to the Tweeple!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Slug is not a "graffiti artist" or a writer he is simply an art fag. If he put the time and effort he does into actually writing that he does into doing full colour charries he might actually be ok. Untill then hes just a toy art fag.