Tuesday, April 6, 2010

artist: dimitris taxis

(Exarchia, Athens)

Here's quite an incredible poster by Dimitris Taxis called Floating In Ignorance.

I live in a fifth-floor apartment and every time i look over the edge i imagine what blunt force trauma would feel like.

This poster plays with that psychological fear.


It's also themed on suicide, which is a huge problem all over the world. To illustrate, Hong Kong has a high proportion of high-rise residences and also one of the highest rates of blunt force trauma suicides (i.e. leaping from buildings).

In this poster there are also classic religious markers. Look at the hands and arms of the subject; it appears he's being crucified upside-down and in a public space, like Jesus was.


Anonymous said...

this is awesome.

Zilka said...

there's something quite sad here o. but i suppose you have to balance against all the love stuff from the previous two posts yes?

ps. hong kong reference ftw