Thursday, April 8, 2010

the hopetoun hotel: miss u hoey pt. 2

(wall beside the Hopetoun on Bourke St, Surry Hills)

The Hopetoun Hotel is still closed after months of patience, blog comments and binge drinkers pissing on at other pubs.

But even with the likelihood it will by bought out/demolished at some point, the Hoey's MySpace page says the venue currently provides "live music seven nights a week" and its mood is "accomplished".

Seems the owners can't even be "fucked" to update their profile.

Not sure what this I Love Hades poster is meant to reference. Is it meaningless? Does the "Greek god of the underworld" signify an evil spirit behind everything that happens to the Hoey?

(blackboard on the Hopetoun)

In a recent news story the unresolved questions on the venue's future were still unanswered.

In the meantime, street artists continue to enshrine the building with allusions to a community of artists trudging on, oblivious to the financial failings of its members.

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