Tuesday, April 27, 2010

newtown street art


Depressing equation. Not sure if it's possible to add love to HIV. I wouldn't know the answer to this. Wish the writer would give us an answer. Perhaps it's not meant to have one.

(Church St, Newtown)

Entry-level stencil 1.


Entry level stencil 2.


Not sure if the graffiti writing was done before, after or during the stenciling. Looks like Lady Gaga - the greatest performer to ever perform a performance - in a sexy mug shot pose. Are those words lyrics from one of her songs? I'm sure many boyfriends would fuck her, especially gay boyfriends that are into trannies/hermaphries.


Anonymous said...

Hate Lady Gaga. She reminds me why I hate pop music in this post-madonna world [via pointy bra].

sb. said...

Pfft. Lady GaGa is better than you.

Anonymous said...

the graffiti was not from the original stencil, it popped up about a week after the original stencil.