Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exhibition: Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister dropped me an email recently about the opening of his exhibition The Beauty of Failure at Show and Tell Gallery in Toronto.

The show featured a mix of paint-on-canvas and sculptures, like Shit Yourself (pictured below).

As his art often does, Lister's new works comment on conceptions of heroism, role models and childhood fantasy.

The sarcasm behind the trophies is simultaneously farcical and hilarious.

Some of those who attended the opening enjoyed its playfulness. They laughed. Others were caught up in the existential crisis caused by doing a shit.

What does the beauty of failure mean? Are runner-up trophies more about cushioning self-esteem than awarding effort?

See the entire body of work here.

In other Lister news, his work will be part of the Disorder Disorder exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery (Sydney) from August 14.

It will feature street-inspired works from a pool of international artists.

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