Thursday, October 21, 2010

PARIS: Above does new stencil bagging France for being racist

(Image source: Wooster Collective)

American street artist Above has a new stencil depicting a happy Hindu man selling crappy ornamental Eiffel Towers in Paris.

This man looks stoned. He 'poses' like it's a photo-op with his thumb up, smiling, selling merch that's only 1-3 euro. Bargain.

This French Hindu looks pretty old. Maybe he's 61 but doesn't realise he could retire last year. If he waits any longer he might only be able to retire from 2017.

As a Hindu he's not worried. "I'm not Muslim," he says. "I can take my wife to bars and clubs without worrying the burqa police will rip her clothes off and chuck her in the slammer."

This dude just loves Paris.

Does France have 'big balls' for passing controversial laws that shit on egalitarianism - or is it one big cheese fondue of racism?


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