Monday, October 25, 2010

STENCILS: Chippendale part II

 (All photos: Grafton Street, Chippendale, Sydney)

So apparently this is a self-portrait of Che (yeah, as in "Che Guevara"), one of the people who lives behind the infamous Grafton St wall.

The wall of his house is a legal haven for stencillers. Really dig his pro bono efforts. Can't stop reading about all the buzz at #cheasincheguevara.

I've been learning how to stencil. Figured a street art blogger should know the craft. Another few weeks of Google searches and I'll be bombing this wall.

So far I've done a bunch of self-portraits. In these, I'm scantily dressed and posing in provocative ways, which I then accentuate by painting while scantily dressed and posing in provocative ways. I usually stand on a trestle and BEND FORWARD so onlookers get a good look at my tush.

Psychedelic tiger. Good name for a club. Someone should call the guys over at Good God.


Mr Skel, if you're reading this, why do animals inspire you?

 Really enjoying these Charlie Chaplin stencils. Might torrent some of his movies and relive the magic.

This one is from Houl.

Writing a haiku about a tiger resting in shade. Watch this space.

I've seen a few of these around. The gushing sexual overtones (minus the blue doodle) are weird. Never pictured Charlie Chaplin in that way.


Stencil wall in Chippendale, Sydney


Yeah said...

I like these stencils. They're really good quality.

mr skel said...

I was drawn to the innocence of ILL's cats, and the others popping up- they always get a grin out of me.
the animals are a little break from The city for me. we see enough people around town, so I try to steer clear of portraits- if its people then its kids

Acid Midget said...

Thanks for that Mr Skel. Your point about taking a break from the city/people is interesting.

Hope to see more of your work around.