Monday, November 1, 2010

Gerald the Dog is back in Sydney

(Esther Lane, Surry Hills)

Remember Gerald the Dog? That poor pup poured his life away after meeting some hipster dogs. Last we heard there weren't any new Gerald bombs popping up in Sydney.

Then I found this where the last one was, behind the Ray Hughes Gallery.


Colin left a comment saying these pieces were by Slug. Obviously if slug were to pick a name for this character, it would be Gerald the Dog.

Seems Gerald lost his shit even more than last time. Previously he was a drug addict, having gone stray after partying too hard.

Now he has used condoms poking through his eye sockets like ghosts of lovers past who are back to haunt him. Semen seeps down his face, his lashing tongue and gnashing jaw unable to hide the agony.

(Fitzroy St, Surry Hills)

Here he is again, in the same style on the Hopetoun Hotel. This is a fitting bomb for the Hoey - it has all of us feeling a bit blue.

Will the Hopetoun ever reopen? Is anyone friends with Justin Hemmes on Facebook?

This was also at the right of the frame:

It's the lips flower we've spotted around town. So many delicate pink petals, so snatch-like, so fragrant.

This image - don't ask me why - reminds me of the models featured in Robert Palmer's track Addicted to Love. I remember being very young and very confused about the overtly sexual imagery in the video clip. It drew me in and I didn't understand why.

Now it's happening all over again.

To jog your memory about the lips flower here's a piece from the previous post:

(Grafton Street, Chippendale, Sydney)


Gerald the Dog


Colin Hubert said...

Gerald the Dog?

I never had a name for that piece by Slug.

Slug has been very busy all around town these past weeks.

Acid Midget said...

Finally. I've wanted to know who did these for a while now.
Will update.

P.S. You should start creating names.

Anonymous said...

yeah ive noticed this guy(or girl) around sydney in the last year, used to see their stuff down on the northern beaches abit aswell.

Acid Midget said...

Awesome. If you see anything fresh do get in touch.


Unknown said...

Yay slug, i've got a whole collection of this guys work.

Acid Midget said...

If you have any images/info about Slug's work we'd love to BLOG it.

All contributions are credited.

elj said...

SLUG has gone SUPER SONIC and has made the front page of todays Sydney Morning Herald (more here).

Have heaps of photos of SLUG's prolific output, which I will post over the next week or so.

You have a great blog.

Acid Midget said...

Hi Elj, thanks for the comment.

Yes, Colin mentioned that Slug's been busy and I've noticed pieces all over Sydney city recently.

Saw a few around the tracks near Redfern station.

He's doing less colour and more 'black and white' pieces. Guess it speeds the process up.