Monday, December 6, 2010

Get merch by graffiti artist Andre

(Image source: Kitsune)

Bonsoir mes amis! Do you know who I am? I am le graffiti artist Monsieur Andre.

Oui, I was feateured in Banksy's film Exit Through Le Gift Shop When Nobody Is Watching.

I do le 'Mr A' stick figeur paintings all oveur Paris. Beautiful!

I also 'ave a babee with Uffie, le American rap singeur. I always tell eur "less autotune bullshit, more bangeurs".

She never listens.

That's because we're too busy feuking and drawing and painting and feuking:

Anyway, I 'ave some new merch I want u 2 c.

It's basically vintage Purple magazine coveurs printed on 'top shelf' Kitsune tees (made in Japon, aww haw!).

These motheurfuckeurs asked moi to design seumthing poeteec for le sheurts and offeured to pay moi shitloads of moneh.

Do you like this 'Guitar Boy'? I deezined le purple blazon next to 'im.

Oui, I agree. It looks misplaced, sort of 'overing there.

Per'aps I tried too 'ard. Perhaps you should 'ave payed moi more moneh yeu motheurfuckeurs.

What about le 'Trench Geurl'?

OK, OK. So you want to think oveur your purchase.

In le meantime, let's feuk.


Street Art (on Facebook) has posted another Acid Midget doodle.

Looks like Andre had a little fightey with Mr Hankey.