Friday, December 10, 2010

WASHINGTON: Protesting artists banned from Smithsonian

A Fire in my Belly is a dirty, dirty film made by David Wojnarowicz and was recently exhibited in the Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian.

The filthy video above depicts two artists, one filming, and the other, Mike Blasenstein, with an iPad around his neck and handing out flyers.

Blasenstein was like "I'm not standing fur this shit. Fuck you far-right fuckers" and protested at the entrance to the gay-themed Hide/Seek exhibition, which the film had been removed from on Sunday.

The iPad played Wojnarowicz's film. It was recently banned from Hide/Seek after Republican members of US Congress and conservative religious groups complained about its content.

The film depicts ants crawling on a crucifix for about 11 seconds. Yay.

The protesters were arrested and given a life ban from all Smithsonian buildings.

NOTE: The beginning of the video is good, as is the end. Not much happens in the middle.

Check out more at the Washington Post.

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