Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Artist: Mini Graff

Do you know Sydney artist Mini Graf?

She makes anti-capitalist posters and has a thing for the classic 1950s couple, like in Mad Men, where women are at the whim of chauvinistic dudes (make dinner or GTFO).

However, the traditional 'couple' has been superseded by Gen-Y. People aren't couples any more but, rather, mutually selfish individuals with shared tastes in multimedia, ethnic derivation and a need for sex on a 12-hourly basis.

Mini Graf is apparently a former New Zealander, like street artist HaHa. She shed her nationality, like many Kiwis do, because there is a larger market for her work here and bloggers are more likely to give her coverage.

In this video Mini Graf talks about the imprisonment of chickens in Sydney. It's a good introduction to her ideas about street art. I felt 'closer' to her after watching it.

You might too.

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