Friday, May 6, 2011

Slug does dirty dog graffiti

(Whites Lane, Darlinghurst, Sydney)

Do you call it art when a demon decapitates a dirty drug-doing dog?

Of course. Call it what you like.

Street artist/graffiti writer Slug has been pro-motherfucking-lific around Sydney the past six months. I often struggle finding time to publish his work.

If he even calls it that.

Would you vote Slug in the top tier of Sydney's graf scene?

An Acid Midget reader recently asked if we could put him in touch with Slug for a commission.

Can you guess how far he got with that?

Try fucking a ghost.

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Artist: Slug


Anonymous said...

Love all his stuff around Chippendale, makes the walks to work brilliant.

Colin Hubert said...

Slug is absolutely top tier.

He's away for a spell, I've heard tell of exotic locales from were he originated. Plenty of his stuff up all over to last a while yet.

Acid Midget said...

Glad you like it. @anonymous I'll be publishing some of his Chippendale stuff very soon.

@Colin I'd love to hear more about him. Share if you will.