Thursday, June 16, 2011

May Lane street art pt. II

This is part two of Acid Midget's May Lane Street Art Project series.

The piece above is by Stormie Mills, who does dreamy portraits of sad suicidal adults.

Today's music selection is Radiohead's 'Paperbag Writer':

  Paperbag Writer by Jordan Chesney

Yes - this Yoko stencil has the face of Yoko Ono attached to the body of a sparrow or some bird. Next thing you know, there'll be graffiti artists drawing chickens with dickheads and calling themselves Dick Chicken.

Here is a yarnbomb I assume is by Denise Litchfield. It's getting pretty cold in Sydney. Might ask her to knit a scarf around my neck.

I haven't seen many of Ill's cat stencils in the past few months. Maybe it's because there's too many dogs out there.

This devil was part of a large piece sprawled across a wall. I decided to focus on the most 'personified' image because Acid Midget is an art fag blog made with an iPhone.

This keut manga-style mural is best consumed with the following one. Together they create an interesting narrative.

"Ohh Tommy!"? Ah. So there you go. Tom is tapping two grrls simultaneously. Sort of looks like this grrl is lifting her vest off.

I'm not sure what convinced me to publish this stencil.

Maybe it's because it looks so different, so 'unpolished' compared to everything else in May Lane.

The woman poses in a relaxed manner, her expression conveying confidence - d-d-dare I say - like the Mona Lisa.

Can someone explain what these are? Houses? Beasts? New wave indigenous art?

Two cent concrete stencil.

Leave a gold coin donation in the brim hat. Cheers.

May Lane is somewhere artists can cut their teeth. Or maybe grind their teeth on the kerb.

This one is from graffiti writer Pudl.

It's puddle man!

Another manga-style mural. I'm seeing hentai metaphors here and it's a little disconcerting.

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