Monday, July 11, 2011

May Lane street art pt. III

Here is the third and final part of Acid Midget's May Lane Street Art Project series.

Today's music selection is 'Wait in the Dark' by Memory Tapes, from his new album Player Piano.
  Wait In The Dark by Memory Tapes 

This mixed media piece stares you in the face as you walk around. There are plenty of 'commissioned' pieces like this throughout the lane and a number of well-known artists have had their work hosted there.

Why are so many murals sombre? Is it because artists use distraught characters for emotive effect? No, I didn't think so.

The lady stencil reminds me of 2026. But as I often get names wrong, I'll save myself the hassle and say this was by Konsumterra.

You can do so much with found objects. This looks like a waving diabetic reindeer.

A crying Mongol.

If you see a cartoon pasted up in Sydney you can bet Jumbo or Zap did it. Looks like Zap did this one.

There was more to this piece than an iPhone lens can capture. I didn't want to stand at a sharp angle to squeeze it in. You wouldn't be able to read it. The irony is now you can't read the whole thing anyway.

Note to self: "Omar, you're a dick."

'Broken Memories' by Will Coles. He also did the next few sculptures.


A Postmodern cast of a newspaper stack and, top-left, a can which states "Asahi beer - my plemium bantazy."

You don't even know it, but each day you pack your child's lunch box with a 'soul-less' juice box. Then you get a few grey hairs and a divorce - and the kid is drinking motherf***ing Hahn Super Dry.

Just saying.

That brings these virtual tours of May Lane - one of Sydney's main street art and graffiti hubs - to a close.

Not everything I find on the streets gets blogged, so check out the Facebook page to see the extra bits.

Can we hold hands now?


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