Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hong Kong, Thailand street art

So I recently returned from a two-week jaunt around Hong Kong and Thailand, doing the holiday thing and trying to unwind from Sydney life. HK is not a place to unwind and neither is Bangkok. They are panicky, f-f-frantic and combustible. And the humidity. Wow, sweating into sweat. Then a day of Thailand's southern islands and all that changed.

But no matter which city I'm in, I'm looking for street art. Below is a series of shots I took of both street art, tags and other bits. The shot above is a view of Hong Kong Island from the Avenue of Stars.

This is by Insa. Found in Central, on HK Island.

The next few were on a wall in Admirality, HK.

Then in Bangkok the toll on my senses was deeper. Everyone was rushing, some were begging. Tourists were targeted and harassed. The air stank of warm pollution.

Neck Face tag in Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

This was in a Bangkok laneway. Yes, I took an extremely heavy piss there.

Then I went to Phuket, and farther south to Phi Phi Island and, pictured above, Maya Bay. This is where The Beach was filmed.

Found this outside a tattoo parlour on Phi Phi. Reminds me of Anthony Kiedis.

This was taken on Phi Phi Don, an island hit hard by the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Phuket. A red flag means "dangerous current".

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