Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing: Artist Dame Dismember

Sydney artist Dame Dismember might make you a little uncomfortable, like a visit to the dentist can stir up nerves, cold sweats or blog addiction.

I first saw her paste-ups in Newtown a few months ago. They're photocopies of collages showing sliced and fragmented human faces re-imagined with playful enthusiasm for the grotesque.

These collages make me uncomfortable for two reasons. First, they show how fragile we are, how external appearances are so easily changed with a blade. The second is that, for all the disfigurement, these faces look good. Even alive.

I was curious about the artist behind the faces, so I got in contact with Dame Dismember. Below is her response, followed by some of her work. Photo credit for the top image goes to Awol Monk.

Dame Dismember: I've always loved assemblage / collage art. I found drawing & painting kinda boring. My mum told me that when I was a child I'd quickly get bored with colouring in.

I've had an obsession with images as early as I can remember. I can't really pinpoint how my style developed. I never set out to make dark disturbing images. 

They just came out that way. I'm sure you have a similar experience when it came to developing your style too.

I think Frances Bacon is my biggest influence. A collagist influenced by a painter. The intuitive representation of the human form / condition.

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