Monday, October 8, 2012

Your Instagram street art captions

So last week I asked Acid Midget followers on Instagram to describe what this wheatpaste was about. I had no idea who made it or what it depicted (I still don't) when I found it. I also asked fans on Facebook and Twitter.

And as promised, I'm republishing your answers right here.


tikicave: Two people laying in bed.

east_clintwood: The tip of a quill pen.

interstellar_medium: Happy stingray with pants pockets.

paulphamtastic: It's a Pokemon character!


Juilee Pryor: It's a post modern ghost...

Hibbles TheWizard: I figured it looked like that cocoon thing in Pokemon.

Rotar Uno: KKK mask?

Jenny Bunyon: Yeh! Kakuna i think. Metapod. Crossed with a happy Japanese bear or cat.


Mim West: Japanese inspired character from space? I am imagining him aqua blue with green eyebrows.

OK so the jury is in. This weird image appears to be the Pokemon Metapod. Do you agree?

Thanks to everyone who contributed. As you know, I love interacting with fans on social networks just as much as writing this blog. To show my appreciation for all your's some more art!

Jumbo and Zap, Camperdown.

Awol Monk, Chippendale.

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