Thursday, February 24, 2011

LIBYA: Anti-Gaddafi protest graffiti

There are currently violent protests raging in Libya as citizens call for authoritarian leader Muammar al-Gaddafi to step down.

Hundreds of peaceful protesters were killed in the past week as Libyan soldiers and mercenaries opened fire on them from SUVs and Bentleys.

US President Barack Obama said the "suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable."

However, anti-regime protesters in Benghazi have armed themselves with stolen military arms.

They are preparing for what has been dubbed the "fight for Tripoli"; the nation's capital and Gaddafi's stronghold.

Libyan protesters, like those in Tunisia and Egypt, are fighting for democratic freedoms their leaders control with decades-long grips on power, political clout and fortunes in the billions.

But, as you see above, fighting 'the machine' is what graffiti is all about. Unless you're Banksy.

I can't translate Lisbyan, but this wall probably says, 'Gaddafi, u punk bitch, time 4 a haircut. You're embarrasexssing us. Now GTFO. <3 u'.

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This pissed protester is talking to the media at a carnival. It must be hot there, because her face paint is beginning to wear off around her hijab.

Some person in the B/G is holding a one-off, priceless Shepard Fairey HOPELESS poster, with Gaddafi superimposed where Obama would be. 

Fairey will probably be in for another Associated Press lawsuit before long. He can either FIGHT BACK like the North Africans, or he can settle with the AP. Or they can work together going forward.


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