Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOS ANGELES: Banksy stencils ruined, sold

Banksy has been ordering lackeys to paste stencils all over Los Angeles in the past week.

He is trying to get a big media penis pointed at his face so everyone will see when it's time for a jizzy money shot at the Oscars.

Banksy's mockumentary Exit Through The Uterine Canal is nominated for Best Documentary, although it isn't technically a documentary because the second half is fiction.

The focus of the second half is 'fine artist' Mr Brainwash, who Exit's scriptwriters created. He is now selling prints off his website as a way to legitimise fiction. MBW is now a meme, just like author Truman Capote's In Cold Blood was when it was published - a non-fiction novel made up of 50 per cent fact and 60 per cent fiction.

Someone has also trashed the Crayon Gun piece. The initials MBW (Mr Brainwash) add irony to ironic circumstances. It's like Post-Post Modernist dialogue between artists who don't have any fresh ideas.


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