Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SYDNEY: Jumbo and Zap posters

(Cleveland and Abercrombie Sts, Sydney)

Jumbo and Zap, I miss you.

You get up in Darlinghurst, Newtown and occasionally Surry Hills. But you never do it enough or stay up long. People like tearing your posters down. Why?

And why does 'graffiti jargon' read like a porn script?

Jumbo, your posters use comic book imagery in an unconventional layout. I like them.

Have you met Slug? If this poster had a couple of 'eye condoms' it would be similar to his work. Just kidding.

Your confidence to paste in a relatively large scale makes you one of my favourite humans who pastes posters on walls in streets.

(Meagher and Abercrombie Sts, Sydney)

Zap, you make manic collages that give me a headache on cue. You are talented, you steal my attention.

This is because there is so much imagery in the streets. I bet advertisers will use your mash-up style in approx. 2-4 years to sell brands while you're scraping scabs off your skin in the welfare line.

But I'll always have these images. We'll always have them.

Get up soon.


Artists: Jumbo and Zap

Artist: Zap

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