Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Street art magazine Get Up or Get Out

A new street art magazine has hit the streets in several Australian cities - and you're about to get a copy.  

Get Up or Get Out was printed late last month and features articles from Houl, Vars, Bafcat, Dame Dismember and Will Coles. There are also interviews with Fukt and Bunkwaa, plenty of photos from Baddogwhiskas, and cover art (pictured) by SMC(3).

The project was run by Melinda Vassallo, author of Street Art of Sydney's Inner West,  and street artist Chris Tamm (aka Konsumterra). I was also the editor.

It's great to see a mixture of artists - all connected in some way - come together to create something unique. It's a celebration of the energy and talent within Australia's art scene.

Get Up or Get Out is free and available at shops and galleries in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Or download a copy right here.

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