Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sydney street art: Newtown

So where has Acid Midget been lately? I have no idea. But you're here, and so am I. A feeling of ambivalence has seeped inside me, like red wine stains teeth. What's the problem? I think you know...that's why you're here.

This is part of a large mural, by Hazzy Bee and Akisiew, on the streets of Newtown. On looking at it, I felt ambivalent again and a little lonely. Then realised I'm a man in a man's world and, with that idea fuelling me, I believed that other men would let me fix it.

In photography school they said "use the rule of thirds and your offspring will flourish" before realising rules made me sad. So, I've nicht idea what this mural is about - but I like it. Fifty Shades of Grey. Do you like random pondering? Do you like a person thinking freely without regard for fur form? Avoid the truth; it's all lies.

I've seen a few of these stencils around Newtown. They're a reminder to watch thy step. The streets are where crime/assaults/love happen, and I have a thing for you. Even though you don't know me, I _____ you.

Surf's up? No. Just a wheatpaste of a bro in short shorts and a sik tit tatt. Chitty chitty bang bang.

I stood on a crash barrier to shoot this. The artist, Syke, glued it to the side of a building. What's depicted on the board? The side of a building.

I promise to never tell you the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! wondering if you would be able to specify which streets in Newtown you found these cool artworks?