Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Acid Midget appears in 1970s film

This is a scene from Steppenwolf, a film released in 1974 and based on the Nobel Prize winning novel.

In the story, the film's protagonist Harry Haller is caught in the rip current of mid-life crisis. In a forlorn state he meets a few bohemian ppl: a drug-pushing musician, a prostitute (who he bangs) and a keut French lady who becomes his muse.

Actually I think he bangs all of them. Not sure.

Anyway, in this scene Haller has a trippy dream where he meets Goethe, the German writer/demi-god. They argue about modern versus Enlightenment intellectualism. They debate the relevance of Mozart. Goethe hops around, he teleports across the room, he shuffles.

He's an Acid Midget.

Honestly, when I watch this I can't tell if the actors are on acid, or if I am.

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Anonymous said...

You're on acid.