Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's not the end

This will be my last post on Acid Midget. I began this blog in 2009 as a writing experiment to share street art I found in Sydney. It was also a platform to express the awkward feelings I had of being alive here, with you. I had no plans for what this blog would be and I still don't. No plans, no rehearsals, no budget. Just as illegal art is spontaneous, so was this blog's creation. I've enjoyed sharing it with you more than I can say. But it's time for me to move on. I've met so many inspiring and creative people during the past four years. I found a lot in common with the artists and readers I met. Most are just as unsure of why we're here as I am - but sharing ideas is a driving force we all have. Your work is a reminder that free thinking is what we make it.

Every Acid Midget reader has been an inspiration in their own way. Those who have journeyed with me since the beginning - thank you. To everyone, thank you for sharing your love for expression without rules. Thank you for accepting my odd sense of humour. Thank you for the kind emails, comments and handshakes. Thank you for reminding me why I started this project - to lose ourselves. And I'm still at the beginning, wading through life, trying to work it out. Since 2009, many people have said, "I saw street art the other day and I thought of you". Maybe that's enough. Maybe I'll never figure it out.

But it's not the end. All my posts will stay live. I'll also continue sharing street art on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Acid Midget has morphed into a social network. If you're not already following me there, you should.

And thank you.
Thank you.

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janie d said...

you know i love your work midge!