Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GRAFFITI WARS: Anthony Lister uppercuts Brisbane Council with latest mural

(Image Source: Wooster Collective)

Australian artist Anthony Lister's latest street painting has satirised Brisbane Council after it buffed one of his murals in Fortitude Valley.

Council's anti-art gaffe caused a media shitstorm - reported in Australian newspapers and on Ten News - as the mural was commissioned to be painted on private property.

This mishap has added to the ongoing Graffiti Wars between street artists and authorities fighting to 'beautify' public space.

Wooster Collective posted a short quote from Lister with a photo (above) of his latest piece:

"Before they knock the wall down they'll probably paint it grey."

This comment, and the 'council worker' pictured in the new painting, are a hit at the council for removing the alleged vandalism.

The council's Graffiti Reduction Unit was probably set up to appeal to conservative voters and 'rile up' old people who experience what some experts call "counter-culture migraine" (sic).

Does Lister's new mural uppercut Brisbane Council and street art's detractors like this:

Or is it more like this?

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