Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monsieur Andre does Annabelle mural

Feuk feuk feuk? Feuk feuk feuk feuk?

Bonjour ma petite puce! I am Monsieur Andre, le feuking graffiti writeur from Paris!

You might remembeur moi as le guy who put togetheur le Kitsune Parisien compilation, or its associateud merchandices!

But now I am in motherfeuking love. I am currently banging 'socialite' Annabelle Dexter-Jones - and I am loving it!

I made this meural for 'er. I used le creative expression I am famous feur to express moi deepest feelings.


Do you think she's hotteur than Uffie? I don't know if she can auto-tune sing, but it wasn't like I had a babee with Uffie because she was a good singeur!

I'm with Annabelle because I _____ her!

Apparently if I get Invadeur to take picteurs of moi kissing Annabelle holding a beunch of floweurs I bought for 'er it makes moi look romanteec! Really good for building brand credibility with le single female 14-24 living-at-home demographeec!
Watch moi paint le feuking meural for ma little puce. As you watch this I am probablee smeushing moi face into 'er very expensive titties!


That's moi standing at le mirreur applying make uep! I 'ave to keep moi beautiful face coveured in product. All that spray paint has really feuked with moi pores and complexion.

Do I look sexxi?

Let's feuk.

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