Thursday, May 5, 2011

SYDNEY: Hipster poster advertisements **UPDATED**

(Devonshire St, Surry Hills, Sydney)

There is a poster plague propagating in Sydney and it's beginning to shit me. These posters depict shirtless hipsters with confused facial expressions.

The only other 'message' they send are phone numbers and email addresses below the images.

Traditional advertising asks consumers/cattle to do things, to try things, to believe they are 'worthless' unless they do something they otherwise wouldn't (buy a new fucking car you piece of shit).

But these posters employ brandless marketing to hold your attention through 'cognitive jamming'.

Has brandless marketing reached a new low?

Who knows/gives a $2 toss. All I know is that this sexxi hipster made me want to find out more. Maybe I 'bought into' the brand too easily since escaping the beef factory.

(Acid Midget is a street art blog made with an iPhone)

Omar, channelling the Acid Midget, sent these texts to the number listed on the poster.

He expected a swift response asking him to either visit a website selling herpes cream, or to pose another meta-narrative to him.

There was no response.

(Abercrombie and Meagher Sts, Chippendale, Sydney)

I was hurt. The lack of reply spurred me on to find another poster.

If I found another one, I thought, an answer would appear.

But all I found in a different part of Sydney was another hipster whore with a vandalised head.

Maybe the street art movement has peaked. Maybe the street art 'brand' has rebelled all it can. It has become accepted into the socio-political narrative after fighting for more than 30 years.

Perhaps the creative lefties who I call brothers and sisters have already moved to other methods of questioning social failings and I just haven't caught up.

They became criminal defence lawyers.


Acid Midget
reader Mattae Cooper published these posters on our Facebook fanpage. These were defaced by Catface.


W said...

HAHAHAHA! Nice one, I fucking hate this hipster shit too! It's so lame you know they must want you to hate it, so do they think irony is their weapon?! 'tards.

Colin Hubert said...

Thanks Midget.

I was vaguely wondering about these too.

I'll go back to just being vague.

Acid Midget said...

@W The irony is lost on me. I don't see the point in wasting paper like that.

@Colin You definitely thought what I thought. Nothing vague about it.

poster explorer said...

What was this poster campaign about?