Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sculptor Will Coles' new plaque

(Bourke St, Surry Hills, Sydney)

Sydney sculptor Will Coles recently got up in Fred Miller Park, a strange site street artists like to bomb. I don't understand why because there is only grass, swings and little pedestrian traffic.

The plaque commemorates Coles' gluing of it to the wall, which is funny considering it doesn't look like a remote control. But he has celebrated the act of expression. He is not selling a brand or instructing anyone to do something.

Coles has worked on top of the pointy 'Squiggle Man' drawings which are all over Bourke St. Those were first published on Acid Midget in 2009 during the pre-Exit Through North Korea era.

Mysterious Street Art Tart doesn't look at the plaque. She prefers Coles' sculptures on a conceptual level, so ignores them. She believes the physical state of his ideas are 'restricted by variables of human error' and 'sold short in their interpretation'.

She also likes cupcakes.

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