Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clive posters in Shanghai

Acid Midget has been quiet during the past few weeks. I've been blog-time poor while travelling around Europe. I'm currently in Barcelona and nursing a hangover.

When I find a free moment here, I post street art on our Facebook page. I try and update this every day, so keep a look out to see what I've found.

Also, thanks to everyone for the emails. You've sent some great photos. And speaking of which, I blogged a Clive wheatpaste not long ago and he liked it enough to send over his own photos.

Clive does these trippy wheatpastes around Shanghai. This one, and the one above it, were stuck to an iPad advertisement outside Jing'an Temple Station.

I'm not sure who Clive is associated with, however, he appears to be linked to the Salted Planet Collective.

If you know more about his work please comment below.

And if these posters make you miss Madonna music videos circa 1991, please get in touch.

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